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Dr. George Hirasaki

The goal of this consortium is to engaged in collaborative
research to advance the fundamental understanding of
porous media processes. Our core research areas include the
study of surfactant and foam Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
processes, wettability alteration with smart water, asphaltene
deposition, and NMR & molecular simulation studies of
unconventional formations. As the director of this research
consortium, I thank you for your support of our research
and welcome you to potential opportunities for collaboration
and participation.

Dr. George Hirasaki


22th Annual Consortium, April 23, 2018

Preliminary Agenda

George Hirasaki


Michael (Guoqing) Jian

CO2 foam mobility control at high-temperature high-salinity carbonate reservoir and in low permeability sandstone

Siavash Kahrobaei  

Effects of Compositional Variations on CO2 Foam Under Miscible Conditions

Reza Amirmoshiri

Effect of Oil Type and Saturation on Foam Flow in Porous Media: Core-flooding Coupled with NMR Imaging

Pengfei Dong 

Ultralow-Interfacial-Tension Foam Injection Strategy in High Temperature Ultra-High Salinity Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs

Maura Puerto

Eric Vavra 

Designing and Alkali-Foam EOR Process for Heavy Oil, Phase Behavior

Designing and Alkali-Foam EOR Process for Heavy Oil, Micromodel

Sibani Lisa Biswal  

Stability of oil emulsions in porous media probed using microfluidic devices

Clarence Miller

Laboratory Studies of Ternary Surfactant Formulation for EOR in Oil-Wet, High-Temperature Carbonate Formations

Harun Bilgili  

Comparison of Phase Behavior and Slim Tube MMP for CO2 Flooding

Jin Song  

Roles of Naphthenic Acid, Asphaltene, Potential Determining Ions and Salinity in Carbonate Wettability Alteration

Dilipkumar Asthagiri

Philip Singer  

Molecular dynamics simulations of NMR relaxation: Concepts and Applications to Bulk Hydrocarbons

Interpretation of NMR Relaxation in Bitumen and Organic Shale Using Polymer-Heptane Mixes

Zeliang Chen 

NMR Core-Log Determination of NGL Composition in Organic-Rich Chalk

Arjun Parambathu  

NMR relaxation and diffusion in alkane-polymer systems using molecular dynamics

Jinlu Liu

Partitioning of CO2 and Alkane Mixtures from Shale Matrix to Nano-pore

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