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Archieved Presentations from the 16th Annual Meeting; 2012

The 16th Annual meeting of the Rice University Consortium for Processes in Porous Media was held on April 23th, 2012. The presentations made at the meeting have been archieved here.

  • State of the Consortium - Dr. George Hirasaki

  • Surfactant for foaming and EOR applications at high temperature -  Jose Luis Lopez Salinas

  • SINOPEC research progress of surfactants for EOR -  Dr. Yingcheng Li   (not available)

  • Functionalized nanoparticles for EOR at high temperature and salinity - Dr. James Tour (not available)

  • CMC as a measure of surfactant-surfactant inter-actions -. AmirHosein Valiollahzadeh

  • Live oil surfactant phase behavior -. Aparna Raju Sagi

  • Polyacrylate as sacrificial adsorption agent for anionic surfactants - Hadi Shamsi Jazeyi

  • Surfactant-enhanced spontaneous imbibition in oil-wet, carbonate formations - Dr. Amir Amini

  • Viscoelastic surfactants and foam in porous media -  Aarthi Muthuswamy

  • Pore-level visualization of foam in micromodels for enhanced oil recovery - Dr. Lisa Biswal

  • Estimation of parameters for simulation of steady state foam in porous media -  Kun Ma

  • Cationic surfactant adsorption on natural carbonate minerals - Leyu Cui

  • Pore structure of vuggy carbonates and rate dependent dynamic adsorption -  Neeraj Rohilla

  • Modeling shallow pore water chemistry above gas hydrate systems -  Sayantan Chatterjee

  • Gas hydrate/ free gas distribution due to salinity change -  Guangsheng Gu (not available)

  • Post-combustion carbon capture using “Waste heat” -  Sumedh Warudkar  

  • Amine-functionalized ceramic materials for enhanced gas absorption - Dr. Jerimiah Forsythe

  • Reservoir compartmentalization and tarmat using gravity induced asphaltene - Sai Panuganti

  • Directions for future research

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