18th Annual Consortium Meeting, April 21, 2014

The 18th Annual meeting of the Rice University Consortium for Processes in Porous Media will be Monday, April 21, 2014. The venue is in Duncan Hall of Rice University. CAMPUS MAP It is suggested that you park in West Lot 1 and take the shuttle bus to Duncan Hall. You can register to attend the meeting from the following site: REGISTRATION. The draft agenda for the meeting is below.


7:45    Coffee
8:00    Welcome (George Hirasaki)          
8:05    Rice Energy & Environment Initiative (Charles McConnell)
8:15    The NORTEX Collaboration (Arne Graue) (download)
8:25    Introduction to Consortium (George Hirasaki) (download)
8:40    Formulations for Low IFT and Strong Foam (Maura Puerto) (download)
9:00    Foam in Porous Media and Fractures (Jose Lopez Salinas) (download)
9:20    Adsorption of Betaine (Hadi ShamsiJazeyi) (download)
9:40    Alkali / Crude Oil Phase Behavior (Ding Lei) (download)
10:00  Effect of Hardness and Cosurfactant in PO Sulfate Systems (Clarence Miller) (download)
10:20  Break
10:35  Mixtures of Anionic-Cationic Surfactants (Yingcheng Li)
10:55  Betaine: Anionic Surfactant Blends for Foam (Aarthi Muthuswamy) (download)
11:15  Effect of Surfactant Partition Coefficient on Foam Transport (Yongchao Zeng) (download)
11:35  CO2 Foam at Reservoir Conditions (Leyu Cui) (download)
11:55  Foam Transport in Micromodels (Charles Conn) (download)
12:15  Lunch
1:30    Ultra-Low IFT with New Sulfonate-Based Nanomaterial (Michael Wong)
1:50    Polymeric Nanoparticles for Hydrocarbon Detection (Gedeng (Gordon) Ruan)
2:10    Bottlebrush Polymer & Surfactant for Low IFT (Luqing Qi) (download)
2:30    Partitioning of Surfactant between Phases (Aparna Raju Sagi) (download)
2:50    Asphaltene Deposition in Microfluidic Channels (Yu-Jiun (Nate) Lin) (download)
3:10    Prediction and Mitigation of Asphaltene Deposition (Francisco Vargas)
3:30    Consortium on Petroleum Thermodynamics and Flow Assurance (Vargas)
3:40    Tuning Chemomechanics of Well Cement (Rouzbeh Shahsavari) (download)
3:50    Rice University Water and Energy Research Center (Qilin Li) (download)
4:00    Recommendations from Consortium Members (download)
4:20    Laboratory Tour

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