Presentations 2015

  Introduction, George Hirasaki
NorTex Petroleum Cluster, Update on CO2 Field Pilots, Arne Graue
Effect of Surfactant Synergism on Foam Rheology, Aarthi Muthuswamy
Effect of Gas Type and Composition on Foam Rheology, Yongchao Zen
Algorithm to Estimate Foam Parameters, Yongchao Zen
Micromodels for Visualizing Foam Transport, Lisa Biswal

  CO2 Mobility Control and Adsorption with Nonionic Surfactant, Michael Jian
Sodium Ions for Optimal Salinity of ASP, Ding Lei
Molecular Dynamics on Synergism between Lauryl Betaine and AOS, Le Wang
NMR Core Analysis in Unconventional Plays, Philip Singer

Interactions of Nanoparticles with Surfactant Microemulsion, Luqing Qi
Nanocapsules for Oil Detection and Extended-Reach pH Modification, Jim Tour
Asphaltene Aggregation and Deposition in Micromodel, Yu Jin Li (Nate)
SAFT 2015, Walter Chapman

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